Sunday, 17 June 2012

The past year..

I thought it would be about time for me to write something here.. I am as for today done with half of my phyto education and I have so many things that I've learned from this weekend and from the weekend in May that I want to write here.. But that comes later. Today I want to share some other things..

I'm done since a few weeks ago with the "Nutrition B"-course at the university. It has been a great year in school even though the last months were "special".. In September I'll be studying Business economy which I'm excited about. The phytocourse has been so much better then I ever could expect. It's so amazing to learn about how many good things plants can do, so that people wouldn't have to take medicine in many cases. I have also tried many herbs myself and it's such a God thing that I ended up on this course, partly because I don't remember any time I've felt this good (as I've been sick for a long time..) and also all the things I learn so that I can hopefully help many others with this in the future.

But, even though this last year has been a lot about school - I'd still say that this year has mainly been about growing in God. It's so cool because I have been so on fire about missions, helping children etc etc since I got saved and I didn't want to go to university before because I saw it as a "waste of time" and I just wanted to "get out there". Plus that I didn't think I would be smart enough for university.. it has always scared me.

God still put me in school again and he has shown me over and over through this year that the dreams I have is also his dreams and that he will fulfill his promises about it. I just have to focus on where I am right now and trust God for the future. This year has only made me more and more excited about making a difference in this world - and that is ALL God! So, I started school with being a little bit "sad" that I was going this way instead of going out on missions or something similiar, but I knew it was God that wanted me to do it and instead of loosing the "fire", the fire and the passions for the other things has just grown bigger and bigger.

I have done so many stupid things in my life but God is still just pouring out his grace over me and gives me things I haven't deserved at all. And the best part is that even though I have a long way to go, God is still patient with me and gives me time to grow in Him. Isn't that just so amazing! That God has patience with us..
I heard a sermon once where the pastor said that he married his wife when she was 19. And he said that she wasn't "everything he had dreamed of" at that time - but he could see that she had the potential to become that. And I kinda see it as that.. God knows we have the potential - because he put it there, so then it's easy for him to be patient with us. And I know one thing - I'm far from perfect, but I love God more than anything else and I know he will continue changing me and that gives me hope!

So this year has been so amazing. I have learned that even if I'm scared - I can still trust God. God is faithful and he is good. He is our father whom we can always go to and that is always in control even when we are scared and we don't see the solution. You only have to throw yourself in his arms and give him all your problems and he will take care of you.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for America.. I will spend the first two weeks with Whitley and then I'm heading down to Dallas for another 2½ weeks. I'm planning to write some summaries on some herbs on the way there.. I have a 8 or 9 hours layover in London so I have plenty of time :) So then I can post those here later.

So until then - God is with you and He loves you!

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