Saturday, 21 July 2012

Home, ready and excited for the coming year!

I'm not actually ready for the coming year, I need to clean, work, buy school books and stuff like that before but I feel mentally recharged after the trip to America and the inspiration to study has come back. I'm sure I will need all the inspiration I can get as the studies this fall will be much more serious and harder then the last year (especially the spring).

I came home to Sweden today and normally I always feel sad coming home but this time I don't. I'm excited about going back to eating lots and lots of vegetables and fish, going back to the gym, using olive oil in my hair, deodorant without aliminum and toothpaste without flouride, "fighting" to store food in glas and not plastic, making fermented vegetables and smoothies of spinach, not eating gum because of the sweeteners in it (hmm.. I did bring a lot of american gum home though..) and so forth.
It's weird how I can get so excited about stuff like that but it's just so interesting and fun! The first thing I did coming home was going straight to the store to buy vegetables and fish. I'm already excited about tomorrows lunch. And dinner. Maybe I could even do a lentil stew.. WITH CAULIFLOWERS IN IT!!! Okay now I'm just getting to excited :) I also think I will do another longer sugar fast. I've been eating so much sugar the past couple of weeks that I almost want to throw up just looking at something with sugar now.

I have 416,2 km left on my 1000 km running goal but now my knees are starting to hurt too much even when I don't run so I'm going to slow that down a bit for a while now. 

Tomorrow me and my mom are going to a concert with Paul Simon. That is something I have wanting to do since I was 16 years old so you can probably imagine the excitment I feel for that as well!! It's just too much exciting things going on right now :) The trip was so amazing and I the best thing about it all was everything God did in my life. It's hard to explain but maybe I will try later..

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