Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I haven't been blogging that much lately. I have things to write and I've been especially excited about writing about turmeric but it has been to many other things to do. I want to go back to writing more about nutrition again. I mean that is the point of this blog, not to just update you on my life. But for you who wants an update, here is a few:

Had a chicken lab in school today. It was fun and we got to try several chicken dishes that were really good.

Someone from the states has now viewed my blog around 500 times the last 1½ week. It's weird and I don't even have 500 posts to see so if you read this - let me know who you are. And maybe stop?

I gave up on letting my bangs grow out so I went to the hairdresser 3 days ago and cut it. I wasn't really happy about how she cut the rest of the hair but that's not really a big problem. I'll just have to be more clear of how I want it next time I guess. Picture will come soon.

I have decided to quit my job at the airport. It's too stressful during the summers and I will focus on working on dads companies instead and maybe I'll do a summer course. If anyone knows of a distance summer course in ecology - let me know.

And tomorrow we are going to visit a butchery. Interesting huh ;)

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