Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cooking and running..

The weather was much nicer later on today so I decided to run after all. A couple of the kids on the street wanted to join me, which they did for a short bit but then I continued by myself. And I'm so happy I decided to run because it was the best run this year - 17 km pretty much without stopping (obviously we stopped a few times when the kids and I ran). So now I have 941,7 km left this year. I'm so happy for it because that means that my health is FINALLY getting better! God is SO good!

I decided to take a picture of my breakfast today for you non swedes that thinks that fish for breakfast is weird :) I was laughing because I understand most people would think my breakfast is really weird - mackerel, fermented vegetables, goji berries, pecan nuts and pumpkin seeds! You should try it, it taste awesome! :D

Me and my sister has also been cooking lots of food for hours today - which means that I'm even more behind with school now but at the same time, I won't "have to" cook for a while now so then I can study more. And now I'm off to clean and then work in the garage to making pills.

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