Monday, 7 May 2012

Don't know what title I should use.. more updates I guess :)

I'm getting worse at blogging.. I just realized that it takes me quite a few days to write new posts but at the same time, there's just not that much fun to write about right now. I could write a lot about herbs I guess but it might not be fun to only read about that.. There's a lot of things I want to blog about from what I've learned last semester in school but I don't want to even look at those books yet, at least not till I'm done with this semester (only 3½ weeks left!!!) :)

Me and my whole family are going down to Småland this weekend to visit our relatives and then I'm having the phyto course + spring seminar at church the weekend after.. It's also my sisters birthday in a week and I'm so excited to make a cake for her! Gonna try to find a really hard one that takes at least 3 days to do.

School work is also going great! I'd say it's too easy right now but that can be nice sometimes so it's not stressful all the time (as it has been until a few weeks ago)..

For you who are following my blog - I'm now down to 778 km left on my 1000 km running goal.. It was going slow for a while when it was still cold and I was sick but now it's going really good! I don't know what I would do without the running.. There's just so many problems that gets solved while all the fresh air clears my mind :)

I guess I don't have much else to say. I'll be a better blogger soon again, there are many things conserning nutrition I really want to blog about :)

6 weeks left for America, and 11 weeks left for the Paul Simon concert!! Yay!

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