Friday, 11 May 2012

Health links

Eight top food trends to drive consumers by 2020

Eight top food trends will dominate European shoppers’ buying habits by the year 2020, predicts Spanish research organisation Azti-Tecnalia.

Is vitamin D3 more effective than D2?

Vitamin D3 is more effective at increasing blood levels of the sunshine vitamin than the D2 form, says the first-ever systematic review and meta-analysis comparing the effectiveness of the vitamin D forms.

Isoflavones fail to affect blood pressure for women

Six weeks of supplementation with soy isoflavones did not reduce blood pressure or nitric oxide metabolism, says a new study.

Tomato juice shows sports nutrition potential

A daily glass of antioxidant-rich tomato juice may reduce markers of oxidative stress and damage after exhaustive exercise, suggests a new study.

Researchers explore links between overeating and pleasure

Eating for pleasure may stimulate the brain’s reward centers and lead to overeating in a way that eating to satisfy hunger does not, according to findings from a small study published in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Prebiotics may reduce severity of colitis, say researchers

Prebiotic supplements could help to reduce bacterial infection and inflammation so reducing the severity of colitis, according to new research.

Cacao & soy compounds show heart health benefits for diabetic women: Study

Supplementation with cacao-flavonoids and soy isoflavones may improve levels of biomarkers of heart disease in postmenopausal, diabetic women, says a new study.

Plant-animal protein blend boosts post-workout muscles: Study

Blending dairy-derived whey and casein with soy protein can yield benefits in a post-workout setting, according to pioneering but unpublished research.

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