Friday, 27 April 2012


I have only been able to sleep 2,5 hours but I'm full of energy which is weird so I decided to write some about ginger :) Not sure how alert my brain is though as I started writing about garlic so had to take it all away. But now I don't understand why, I mean, I could've just written about garlic instead? Anyways, here it goes!

Ginger is antiemetic (works against vomiting and nausea) and are therefore really good for pregnant girls to consume during the first 4-5 months when the nausea tends to be worse. It is not really enough with eating just fresh ginger though but you could need it in a bit more concentrated form.

Ginger also stimulates saliva, gastric juices (which is great because that means better digestions as more enzymes gets produced) and increases the intestinal peristalsis (which pretty much means that the food goes through the intestines better).

It's also antibacterial, antifungal, stimulates the blood circulation for the whole body plus the smooth muscles (which also gives better digestion when it's better blood circulation in smooth muscles/glatt muskulatur), inhibits inflammation, lowers the cholesterol and much more!

 Ginger is great to eat when you have a cold, the flu, are tired, cold (due to bad blood circulation so if you have cold feet and hands), have nausea (especially then morning sickness for pregnant women), week digestion etc.
You should not take ginger if you have gall stones though.. 

Ginger is one of those herbs that is well investigated. Most studies has shown a positive result (of what I've mentioned) but only a few showed no effect.

I bought concentrated ginger capsules on the herb course last week but I'd have to eat them for a while I think before I see major results but I think that I'm actually feeling better already!

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