Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Health research

Sugary drinks linked to greater high-calorie food intake, study finds

Soaring intakes of sugar-sweetened drinks are associated with increased calorie consumption of other foods such as sweets and pizza in children, warn researchers.

Rosemary extract shows metabolic benefits: Lab data

Scientists at spices, seasonings and flavorings giant McCormick and Company have unlocked the mechanism behind rosemary’s ability to reduce blood sugar spikes and cholesterol levels.

Insufficient cocoa flavanols in chocolate to benefit diabetics, says Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK says there are not enough cocoa flavanols in chocolate to benefit diabetics after a study found that a cocoa extract could help people with the condition regulate insulin levels.

Cocoa may help diabetics regulate insulin, says study

Diets rich in cocoa may help people with diabetes to regulate insulin levels, according to new research.

Good bacteria may wipe out antibiotic-resistant pathogens: Study

New possibilities for novel probiotic products are on the horizon after researchers report that some probiotic strains can eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria from the gut.

Do vitamin D levels influence genes for immune health?

Blood levels of vitamin D may affect the expression of genes linked to immune health and inflammation, Norwegian scientists report for the first time.

Vitamin D pills linked to better heart health for diabetics

Supplements of vitamin D may improve cardiovascular health for diabetics, says a new study with implications for recommended doses in diabetics.

Manuka found to be pivotal in fight against MRSA

In what has been dubbed a “hugely important finding”, Australian researchers have found that medical-grade manuka honey can be used as a new weapon in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria, such as the MRSA superbug.

Grape seed extract shows cardiovascular and cholesterol benefits

Supplements containing grape seed extracts may help reduce blood pressure in people at risk of hypertension, and improve cholesterol levels in people with metabolic syndrome, according to two new studies.

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