Monday, 4 March 2013

First weekend in Tel Aviv

The weekends here always feels so long because I am used to having sunday as my day off but here people get off work thursday night and have friday and saturday off which means for me, it feels like weekend from thursday night all the way to monday morning :)
I'm still loving it here and I know things can change but for now, it feels like I will never want to leave. I am excited about the nutrition conference I'll be going to a few days after going back from Israel but I really wish I could just fly back here again after that. The good thing is that I'm getting to know more and more people which makes it easier to go back and visit again.
I have tried to find a church to go to and I found a small one about an hour walk away from here which I really like. I have only been there once but I like it because the sermon was very biblical which is obviously very important. I met several scandinavians there so I also got to speak some swedish which was quite nice :)
I have spent the rest of my weekend at the beach, getting a tour around the city with my roommates and met some of their friends (whom we had a great shabbat dinner with on the friday night) and my friend from Be'er Sheva also came to visit me and his sister who also lives here. This week will be spent reading as much as I can so I can catch up even more (while I tan at the beach ;)) and on the weekend my friends from Jerusalem will probably come and see Tel Aviv as they haven't been here yet. There is also a (late) Purim party in Be'er Sheva on sunday that I'm probably gonna go to with my roommates. And something that is really exciting is that it looks like I will be going to a Israeli wedding in two weeks! I am sure it will be nothing like a swedish wedding.

The church I found

Go Sweden!

The Tel Aviv marathon is coming up

The mall/shopping center close to where I live

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