Thursday, 14 February 2013

Israel day 1

I am finally in Israel now and I am sooooo happy to be back! I have a friend with me that will be here for one week so the first week will be a lot of touristing before I start "living life" here. We arrived yesterday to Tel Aviv and took another flight to Eilat (which had the craziest security check ever!!!) where we are now. It has been a bit cloudy today so we didn't lay at the beach as much as we had planned but later on the sun came out and it got really warm. To walk around with shorts this morning felt so weird because yesterday it was snow all around us. How I have missed the sun!!!
It has been been really nice here and it's so cool because you can see both Jordan and Egypt from here.

Tomorrow, we are leaving Eilat to go to Be'er Sheva for one night and then we will continue to Jerusalem where I will be living the coming 2,5 months.

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