Monday, 27 June 2011

The food revolution - Fat!

What a wonderful day! I had planned to get things done that needs to get done but I was too tired so instead, I've spent most of this day in the sun relaxing.
I had a great bike ride with my mom this morning and also throwing my new american football with my sister this evening.

I've read a little bit in the food/nutrition book I'm borrowing from a guy at work. I've now read the 2 first chapters and it's been really good this far. It explains it soo good how the world (mostly the US) all of a sudden got so scared of fat and how that made us eat more sugar and bad carbs, and how it looks like its all about to change now. I don't know what will come out of this whole "new" debate that has been going on for a few years now, especially here in Sweden the last years but it's really interesting. I haven't seen much of this debate in the US, but at the same time, I don't live there so I might have missed it. But it seems like they are still really scared of fat.

The guy who wrote this book is called Andreas Eenfeldt and he is a nutrition doctor (kostdoktor) and has (as it says on the cover) Sweden's biggest blog about health.
It says in the book that scientists/investigators has calculated on when (if it continues as it does now) there won't be a single normal weight american anymore, when all americans will be overweight, and it says that will be year 2048. Right now only 1/3 of all the americans have a normal weight. That is pretty scary and it really makes me sad. This is one of the reasons why I want to work with this in America.

We have overweight people in Sweden too and we are 20 years behind America in this, and I can't be sure but I personally don't believe we will end up where they are now. There seems to be so many more people here in Sweden that have a pretty good knowledge of what food is good for you etc etc. One thing I saw last time I was in the states now was something called "fried pork skins". It was the winner of a "best taste award". Honestly??? You swedish people, would you eat something called "friterad grishud"??.. No, didn't think so. That just wouldn't happen here. So that's why I have a passion to go to the US and help make sure that there will be less overweight people 2048 instead. I really love americans and I want to see them getting healthier.

Another thing the book said is that it's pretty interesting is how less butter and obesity goes together.
Sweden got warned of fat at the 80's. People started buying much less butter. People started to get bigger and bigger. In the 2000's, we started eating more butter again and the incresing of obesity has stopped. I don't think that this mean that if you eat more butter, you get thinner, and I don't think that's what the book is trying to say either. Anyways, I'll be coming back again about what else the book is saying!

For you swedes: Eat more strawberries -
My house from far far away
Me at the bike ride this morning
My sister

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  1. It looks so beautiful, wish i was there! SOON! :D I love your blog and can't wait till i am there to be discussing this stuff with you all!