Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day of preparation

Woke up 4.45 am today, after sleeping 10 hours.. i feel so grown up :) but i have to get up 2.55 am tomorrow for work, thats why. But honestly, it felt so great! I had hours in the morning before the heat came so I got so much done.
My parents are leaving for a vacation tomorrow for 2,5 weeks so today we got instructions how we should water the flowers, how the vaccum cleaner works etc etc. We obviously know all those things already but my mom always want to make sure we and the plants survive when they are gone. I keep reminding her of the summer a few years ago when the flowers looked great when they got home from a vacation but died a few days after (when they took over the responsibility for the watering). For some reason she can not remember that.

For you uppsala people, kvantum in gränby has really good prices on grilled chicken today. 30 kr instead of the usual 45. It's cheaper then the frozen ones so I bought 5 of them. I also bought fresh norweigian salmon, 2 kg as coop next to kvantum (i feel sad that i need to advertise for coop as kvantum is otherwise so much better) had a really good price for it. So for a few hours, I took out all the meat from the chicken and put it in portion sizes and froze it, same with the salmon. So now I have 19 portions of chicken and 17 of salmon in the freezer! It is so easy to cook then as I work a lot the nearest weeks.

My dad also brought home 30 liters of strawberries. We do that every year and freeze it so we can have it during winter. My brother got home and my dad realized he had bought to much strawberries (they wouldnt fit in our freezers) so my brother got 10 liters. So we had a great afternoon, Sanna (sister) and Fredric (brother) took care of the strawberries and I the chicken etc.
our red, white and black currants are finally ready to eat!
5 of the 30
our white currant bush at the left and the red at your right
finally got it up a couple of days ago.. so about 2-3 months later then everyone else :)

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