Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Hi everyone!!! I have started a blog as you can see... I never thought that would happen as I don't really like doing what everyone else is doing, and here "everyone" seems to have a blog. But I changed my mind because the more I learn about nutrition, the more I want everyone else to hear it, so people can start realizing how important it is.
Anyhow, I will not only write about those things. This will be a normal blog I guess, not a special nutrition blog.. I decided to write in english as many of my friends doesn't understand swedish, but maybe I'll have a few posts in swedish as well.

So who am I? I am right now 24 years old and I work in a few stores at Arlanda airport, and also a couple of other places sometimes. I have applied for a nutrition program at Uppsala University and they will let me know in the middle of July if I get in or not... Im very excited about that! My "plan" or dream is to someday be able to help americans when it comes to health and nutrition.
I live at home with my parents and my sister as I'm trying to save everything I can so I don't have to take loans during my time at the university but am planning to move out in a half year or so. We also have a room in our house that we rent out and in August, there'll be a girl from Oklahoma that will be staying there which Im very excited about as she has studied nutrition.

I'm not really sure yet how all of this will look like so if you have any suggestions of what I should write about, then please let me know!!



  1. yes första kommentaren :)

  2. Grattis! Jag förstår att det betyder mycket för dig :)