Thursday, 23 June 2011

Today I worked a morning shift at the airport, and I got to sleep till 3.55 am which I think is "luxery" (actually not being sarcastic) as that is a half an hour longer then I normally get to sleep for morning shifts. Maybe you are thinking that it's not a big difference but BELIEVE me, it is! A half an hour more before a morning shift can make the difference on the whole day! But tomorrow my alarm will be set on 2.55 am... but it's midsummer tomorrow so it's good I start earlier, as that means, finishing earlier, so more time for celebrating! Not that I have much planned as I also work a morning shift the day after but at least I will do something :)

Today was also the second day I worked since I got back from Dallas 1½ weeks ago and I saw many of my friends at work today for the first time since then, and I must say that I'm so happy that I get to work where I work now. I appriciate it so much to be able to have a job that I like, and with people I like.

our herbs

To a bit more interesting subject.. as I guess many of you know, there's not at all as much vitamins and minerals in the fresh food we eat today as it was around 50 years ago. And then we heat up most of our food (me included) so then even more of the vitamins get destroyed, or leave the food somehow, especially if it's heated up in the microwave. In the end, there's not actually a lot left. My dad always drink the water he boils vegetables in for this reason as many of the vitamins goes into the water.

This whole thing is so interesting and it has made me excited about growing my own vegetables, clean from all the pesticides and also it taste more and better and it's more exciting to do salads as it's in the back yard! So me and my sister sow mainly herbs but also spinach and lettuce etc a few weeks ago. 3 days ago we sow more lettuce and spinach as we realised we need more. You should try it, it's very simple and it's so much better then the ones you'd buy. Dad has sown vegetables, but they are not ready yet. I also got tomato seads from work before and this is how those plants look like at the moment:

Unfortunally as you can see it has rained a bit too much on our new salad and spinach "boxes", a problem I'll solve soon.
We are also trying to make broccoli sprouts.. Yet nothing has happen with them.. but hopefully it will work!


  1. jag hade oxå såna där små boxar som i sista bilden, jag försökte odla nåt i dom men jag fick det inte att växa sen luktade det urk i hela lägenheten så jag slängde skiten :)

  2. gjorde du verkligen som man skulle då? våra börjar sakta komma upp nu