Saturday, 29 October 2011


I skipped 2 lectures about protein in school yesterday.. I knew that if I only slept 2 hours then I wouldn't be able to concentrate anyways so I slept 4,5 hours instead and went to my afternoon lectures which was really interesting.
And then Whitley and our friend Jake came over and I got flowers and sushi from them :) They were so sweet and then we tried to study all together but me and Whitley couldn't stop talking so we decided to read one sentence out loud each and go round like that instead. That was a great way to study! Maybe not very productive but it was fun :)
One other thing happened yesterday; two girls came by from one of our supermarkets and gave us a big bag of free food! So random but fun!

My exam is on thursday and I have now missed 1,5 days of studying because of that I fainted and all that. I always study on saturdays but because of this, I will have to study a lot more today.. I feel that I know a lot for the exam now but there's still so much to learn..  I don't want to learn only for the exam anyways but because it's all so interesting.

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