Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sätra brunn with mom

The weekend is over and I feel refreshed and ready to start studying again tomorrow.

Me and mom took a weekend trip to a really nice place called Sätra brunn to celebrate my birthday a little bit more just the two of us. It couldn't have been a better timing as I had my exam on the friday and tomorrow the next part in school will start. It was so nice to get away and relax.

Sätra brunn is a place with over 100 houses, most of them from the 1700's. The place has a lot of history and it was a place where sick people went to get treated, with different baths. But now it's a spa (a few of the houses), but most houses are too old to be used at this moment. Most of them looked like the traditional red swedish house with white corners (which I love so much). It felt like walking around in one of those older childrens movies I watched when I was a kid that showed Sweden for about 100 years ago.. Like Emil i lönnerberga :)

The forest was so beautiful with the red and yellow leaves.. It all really made me wanna move out to the countryside, wear a cute apron, have a big vegetable garden with chickens (and kids) running around and bake all day.

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