Friday, 30 September 2011

I've had a great birthday! :)

What a wonderful day! Maybe the best birthday ever! Life is so great :)

I started out the day with an (two) exams --> one in chemistry and the other one in physiology. I was nervous in the beginning but I got calm pretty fast as I read the questions and realised that I was prepared enough for it. We will find out in two weeks how it went so if it turnes out that I didn't pass them, then I guess I will need to take my words back, but for now, it defently felt like it went really good.

I biked home in the sun (!!)(never had sun on my birthday as long as I can remember) and had sushi lunch with my parents who celebrated me. For one, I got a Simon and Garfunkel album with 5 of their cd:s that I really really wanted (my favourite!). I have bought all of them before but as the years has gone by, I only think I can find one of them. It's so wonderful to listen to their songs again!

Anyways, then I went to the gym and meet Whitley there.. It was an easy "workout", we only walked on the treadmill for an hour but it was really nice to just walk there and talk with someone (as I've been burried in books lately).

And then my whole family and Whitley celebrated me in the evening and we ate the traditional swedish sandwish cake with smoked salmon.. :) And the day ended with a service at the church. So a really nice day!

Tomorrow, me and my mom are going to a spa about 1½ hours away from here where we will stay one night to celebrate a little bit more and to hang out! You have now idea how excited I am, especially as I've been reading and studying until it felt like my eyes was on fire.

Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget to tell you (again) that today we had our cat Alex for 10 years! He is so precious and so adorable! And also, after today, I've had my sugar fast for 9 months (I dont count the cookies I ate in the airport in New York.. I seriously was not aware of what I was doing.. who gives someone cookies in the middle of the night anyways?)! Yes, that means no birthday cake. We actually kinda stopped with that in our house anyways as no one wants it.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes I got on facebook and through texts! I have so many good friends :) :)

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