Tuesday, 6 September 2011

No studies in America next year

As I might have mentioned before, I am planning to study one of my three years in America, or in another country. I have talked to my school about it and apparently I have to be done with a half years of studies at the time I apply. The application for next year 2012/2013 closes at 21st of November, 2 months before I will be done with my first half year. This means that I would have to wait another year to apply, and then another year to go. So I would be able to go 2013/2014. It doesn't really matter for me tho.. It would be great to go next year but at the same time, I'm starting to like Sweden more and more (still don't want to live here all my life) and I'm trusting God that he has a plan for me and a reason for this.

I might go visit the states next summer instead. Or maybe not.. Me and Whitley also wants to go on a mission trip with her pastor next summer and we also want to travel thru Europe.. So I'd probably need to choose one of those things and the mission trip is what's most interesting so I have a feeling that is what will happen.

I'm starting to love being a student more and more! I know I wouldn't appriciate it this much if it wasn't for a few years of working and especially the type of work I had with the hours and such.. But it feels so great now! I have time to go work out in the middle of the day or take a nap etc.. And as today, I have studied chemistry for 5 hours and I will do another 3 hours tonight which might sound boring for some but I absolutly love it! Learning is a wonderful thing!

For my american friends - as I'd have to wait 2 years now, I hope you guys will come and visit me here instead before that!

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