Sunday, 25 September 2011

Do students gain weight?

What a wonderful day I have had! First church, then going to our big Ica maxi (grocery store) which was a lot of fun. I don't understand why I love going around in grocery stores so much but I really do like it.

The usual sunday nap obviously happened as well, and then we played some (american) football. We were 3 americans, 2 swedes, one from holland and one from nigeria (i think he is at least). I was so confused and didn't know what was going on but it was still fun. And then hanging out with Whitley the rest of the day and preparing myself mentally for all the studying I will have to do the coming 4 days..

One VERY good news (hopefully) is that two of my best friends Amos and Nandi that I got to know when I lived in England, are coming to visit in November! You have no idea of how happy I am to meet them. It's not 100 % sure that Nandi will come but I'm trying to nag on her about it so she will book her tickets :) I can not explain how happy I am too see them. They are so amazing and so wonderful people. I just wish I could live close to both of them again, and also share a room with Nandi again :)

About the posts topic. You know people normally gain weight when they are studying? I can kinda understand that now. It's a lot of sitting still and also a need of a fresh mind all the time. I do not have time to go to the gym as often and I miss it badly. BUT life as a student is still great, this would be the only downfall..

Okay, give me a good luck for next weeks exam :)

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