Thursday, 8 September 2011

Email from Erik and why my blog is called ludicrously crunchy

I got an email from my friend in London today. It's very special as it's hard to get him to write back, that's why I blog about it :D

He gave me his number as I've lost all my contact, and then he wrote this:

And is your mum's number still +46 73-xxx xxxxx (but with numbers)? Does she still use that number? Because she hasn't been answering my calls...

He had also copied what I had written on my blog about the ICA student card and were wondering why I love it so deeply.

Hilarious as we haven't spoken for more than a half year.. good way to catch up!

He also liked the name of the blog - ludicrously crunchy.. I'll tell you why. Erik was here in Sweden a few times when I was in bibleschool and we also went to visit him in England a few times. For some reason my mind got stuck on a line on a cereal box there which was "ludicrously tasty".. Ludicrously became a word that we started using a lot in my circle of bibleschool friends+Erik. I think it's my favourite word ever actually.
We(I) would use it in any sentence. I wish I could still do that but as it would be weird to say things like "that apple is ludicrous" or "i feel ludicrous today" or "i had a ludicrously good work out today", then I can't say those things around people other then my old bibleschool friends and ofcourse Erik. Or can I?
Oh and Erik - I'll reply to your email later on! :D

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