Sunday, 4 September 2011

First 10 km, and why I study nutrition

Today I did my first 10 km since I stopped running in the middle of the summer. I needed a break but now I'm back on track again! I didn't run the whole time tho, but did half of it walking with incline 15 and then ran the rest but it felt so good to finally start running and sweating again!

Yesterday I printed out almost 200 pages I need for the chemistry for university.. That made me a bit nervous and also as I know the test will be in less than 4 weeks and it will also include all the physiology.. But I will do what I can and I'm at the same time excited because it is things I've wanted to learn.

I knew I wouldn't agree with certain things school taught, and they have already made some comments that I don't agree with. One example is that milk is a great product.. Sure it contains vitamines and other good things but what about all the hormones etc they give the cows? And if it's such a great product - why do so many more people get lactose intolerance? Maybe because we are not really made to drink milk as much as we do? It's just a small example..
I still want to have this education because I also know they teach a lot of right things, and then I can go through it with the other nutritionists that I have a contact with thru my dad and hopefully in the end get a broader and bigger perspective of it all. An education also makes people listen to you - hopefully. So with this education I hope to be able to help people. Especially as christians, I believe it is so important to be healthy and take care of the body that God has given us and be good stewards of the gift that it is. It says in the bible that we should put away the things that hinders us, and I really believe that a bad health/overweight etc hinders us if anything! Sure, God can defently heal us but we also have to take our own responsibility.

But now it's sunday - which means day off so no more school talk. So now, shower, sushi and then movie night with my sister and Whitley!

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