Thursday, 1 September 2011

A new phone, chemistry and physiology

I went to buy a new phone today. Not an Iphone (I don't want nor need one)
I lost all numbers I've saved since changing phone about a half year ago.. so if you have given me your number sometime the last half year, then please text me with your name in it so I can save it again.

We have now started with both chemistry and physiology in school. I think I wrote something about the chemistry yesterday? That one seems pretty easy but today we had physiology and that one seems a little bit harder. I'm really excited about all these classes and about learning all of this! I really really am... Right now I feel like studying for at least 10 years, but I know I'll probably won't feel like that later on..

Tomorrow - dinner for our class and our class "above" us. People are going out to party afterwards but as I don't drink alcohol and I like to go to bed early, I will only go to the dinner.

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  1. We can party when you get home... we made it thru week one!! YAY!