Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm at the right place - Ventricle, protein synthesis, intestines etc etc

I am now done with the first week of lectures! But still have hours to study tomorrow..

I must say it has gone so much better than I had expected. Not that I thought it would go bad, but I have understood more than I thought I would and my dicipline with studying on my "free time" has actually been pretty good. Well, not every day but in general it has gone pretty good..

I studied 10 hours of physiology today. I can not even believe it myself... "First" week of university and I spend 10 hours on a friday to study.. I hope that dicipline will stay with me in the future!
my sister joined me in the library for almost 6 hours today
I pray every day to God that he will help me with my studies and honestly I have never felt so in peace with studying as I do now. I know God is answering my prayers. But not only that, all my worries about choosing right/wrong program I had before starting are gone and I know now that I am at the right place at the right time! I enjoy every single bit of being a student and sitting down and learning all these things. (Okay I'll admit it, last hour today was a pain..)

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