Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Change of course in school? - a post about my thoughts

I've been thinking about if my education is leading me where I want to be. I want to educate people about nutrition and sometimes it feels like the program I'm going now is not sharp enough or however I could explain it.. I want to go so much deeper in things and learn so much more.
This semester has been really great but when I read about some courses I will have in the future, I don't get too excited because I doubt they will teach me what I need to know. I've been thinking about maybe putting together my own program, with courses I believe will take me where I want to go instead of just taking all these courses in this program to get a "proffesion name". That name won't help me if it's not what I need for what I want to work with.

As a part of our course, we had to interview a person who works with food in different ways in different counties. I was not excited about it because it would be my nightmare to get one of those jobs.. But many people who goes this program that I'm on end up there so our teachers wanted us too see how it could look like.
Today I talked to the person I was going to interview. We talked for about 1 h and 20 minutes, and maybe 15-20 minutes of those were the actual interview. She was amazing and it was like having a personal mentor for an hour. She was really honest and told me that the program I'm taking is not going to lead me where I want to go.. She even didn't think this education was good preparation for the job she has now! She told me about another education that I had actually been thinking about before in Stockholm (but I could do it distance) that is much better and we also talked about that I should maybe create my own program, picking courses that would be more relevant. I would still be done by the time I'm suppose to be done now.
Seriously, the whole phone call was so amazing and I felt so inspired afterwards to rethink my education. I really feel that it was from God that I got to speak with her.

So what will happen now.. I will pray through the whole thing and I will continue on the program I am on now until I figure out what courses would be good to have and then I will probably customize my own program. This means I could read more physiology and other things that I believe are more relevant.
It is to late to apply for other courses for the spring but I will talk to my teacher and see if there's anything we can do because there will be much more time in the kitchen next semester and that really feels like a waste of time as I already have an education as a chef and I have already taken courses in things like gluten-free food etc, (things I'm guessing we will do.) I would so much rather write papers or do something else those days that I could actually learn things from!

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