Friday, 4 November 2011

Stig Bengmarks lecture - a summary will come soon

Me, dad and a friend to our family went up north today to listen to an extremly good doctor (Stig Bengmark) who know a lot about nutrition and what the food does in our bodies. He is 82 years old and has since he retired 1994 kept himself well updated by spending hours every day looking at new research. He is doing a lot of things for a university in London and live there b

ecause of that. Even though he is 82, I would say he look like 65. He really practice what he teach.

What I like about him is that he has so much knowledge and in his teaching he shows studies after studies after studies. I like that because I think so many people has so many different opinions about nutrition without an education and without actually knowing what they are speaking about. They hear things somewhere, and use it.. Even if the things they hear has no real scientific basis.
Nutrition is very complicated and I'm starting to understand that more and more now when I study it.

My question is then, how can normal people who doesn't have a passion about nutrition still get passionated enough to start caring about what they eat? I want to teach in these things in the future and this is one question I'm thinking about a lot.. What would actually make a difference in a persons food habits? I believe there are many aspects but one is defently that people don't have enough knowledge about it.
Lets say a person knows that fish is good.. But the person will still not eat it because he/she isn't motivated enough yet. If someone explained the chemistry and the physiology behind why it's good, maybe he/she would really understand why and therefor get motivated? I think that could help a lot. I know myself that when I hear the real reasons why something is healthy, then I get really motivated to eat that. Or avoid something if I know what it's actually doing to me.
If you have any suggestions on how to do all of this then please tell me.

Stig showed many studies today. He had a powerpoint on about 300 pages. I think they said they will post it all on a website so if I find it, Ill let you know. It was hard to write down everything I wanted because it was going pretty fast but I will still give you a small summary in a day or so.

After his lecture - another guy had a lecture about music and health.. or something like that. I don't know how it happened but all of a sudden dad was standing in a choir singing... He really wants me to blog about him so here is a picture of him - in the choir. 

Now to a totally other thing. The picture above is a picture of one of our pastors when he was much younger, or formers pastors as he has now started a church. I found it hidden in my sisters room. I believe it looks much better on t her wall like that right? Nice sticker too :D

We have been away the whole day so I'm tired and going to bed. Tomorrow the kids on the street are coming over to bake! Probably need to buy some sugar...  Good night!

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