Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas sacrifices

This picture is from christmas last year. This years christmas will be a bit different in the food aspect as I don't eat red meat nor sugar. No christmas ham, meatballs, sausages, glögg, julmust, saffronbuns (or actually I made sugar and glutenfree ones the other day so I will get that, but they taste very different), knäck or gingerbread. And no liqourice-knäck! Instead I will make turkey, "meatballs" made of chickpeas (i guess kind of like falafel, im really excited about those) and pretend that some root vegetable is a ham so i will put mustard and egg on it, hehe I know, it sounds awesome! I don't really care that much but I do miss glögg and meatballs.
GOOD thing christmas is NOT about food but about Jesus being born! 

1 month and 1 day left of my sugar fast, but I don't actually want to start again. I'll go to Italy the 1st of january so I'll eat an ice-cream there.. but more than that, I think I will try to stick to birthdays and graduations..

So excited about christmas!!

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