Thursday, 17 November 2011

I need a man - preferbly before I need to change the tires on my bike again in spring

I changed the tires on my bike today. It's getting slippery outside and the snow will come soon so I need winter tires on it. Men should do those kind of things. What about the women cook and the men change bike tires? That sounds like a perfect idea to me... After about 50 min, I was finally done with the back tire and dad saw that I had done it wrong. I was not happy at this time and dad had to help me.

It's all done now but I decided during this process that I need a man to do these things for me. I also have two lights in my room that aren't working and the back light on my bike isn't working that good either. Maybe I should bribe someone with a cooked meal in an exchange of getting these things done?

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