Saturday, 12 November 2011

Health exhirbition plus my oxidative stress result

Me and Whitley had a great day at the health exhirbition in Stockholm today. We took pictures of famous people and ate free healthy samples.

Magnus Nylander (nutritionist I've talked about) was there and he took a blood test on me to check my oxidative stress. Short explanation: Free radicals are not good for you (you need some, but too much isn't good) and they can react with other things in your body and make you sick. This is why we need antioxidants - because they will make the free radicals harmless. The oxidative stress is what damage the free radicals have done to you. If you get 200-300 on this test, then that's good. I've done this test a few other times a few years ago and I then had about 460-480, which is way too high. This time I got 361!! Which is MUCH better, but still a bit high. I'm so motivated to eat even more healthier now to get it down below 300.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Magnus about to take the free radical test on me

Famous person no 1

Plastic free bottles!! Yay! :D

Tea from America... obviously made me think o Texas were we drank these every day...

Famous person no 2 from yorkshire (?)

Famous person no 3

... no 4

We also went through the food/wine exhirbition but as me nor Whitley drink alcohol, and most of it was wine, this wasn't as good as the health exhirbition
Famous person no 5

Whitley with the Swedish horse!!

And we walked through the boat exhirbition

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