Monday, 6 February 2012

Good news!

I found out the results today from the allergy test I took last week and it didn't show anything so that's good! There's different ways to find out about if you have allergies though and I still know I have some from another test. But at least I don't have any new ones that I didn't know about! :D

I also got a lot of good information from the doctor I saw two days ago. I rather not speak about my health issues but lets just say that these things he told me about seems very promising and I really believe they will help me! He is one of his best in what he does in Scandinavia, as I mentioned in an earlier post and he has seen a lot of people getting better. The rashes I have next to my mouth will most likely go away with these things too which I'm obviously excited about:)
This means eating no food that I haven't cooked myself for a few months as I have to be very very strict with what I eat and know exacly what's in it.

Oh and by the way, something I learned when I saw that doctor was that you shouldn't eat oranges, pineapple and bananas.. Oranges because of that it has a lot of toxins in it (or pesticides..). And when it comes to bananas and pineapples - The sienctists has changed a protein in them so they will last longer and we don't have that enzyme in our bodies to break down that protein so it's actually not good for us to eat. Very interesting!

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