Friday, 17 February 2012

Why care?

Sweden has a commercial on tv right now about a lady that goes out for a run and when she gets back she is old, or maybe she was old from the start? Anyways,  I don't remember exacly how it goes but they talk about taking care of your body and exercising for the sake of living a long healthy life, so you can be there for your grandkids etc - not for superficial reasons or training to run faster or whatever..

I love that commercial because THAT'S why I'm passionate about nutrition. The main reason why it's so important for you to watch what you eat and take care of your body is not so you can look better or anything like that. And it's not only because of you either! What I mean is that you should watch what you eat because then the chance of you getting a longer healthier life will increase and not only longer but better. You will have more energy to do what you need to and want to do.

It is also important for the people around you. You are a role model for other people and weather you like it or not - someone is always going to look at what you are doing and learn from that. Especially for your (future) kids and grandkids. They want to have you as long as possible!

Sometimes I meet people that thinks that it doesn't matter what they eat. They don't know what the food actually does to their bodies and they don't want to know. I don't understand that.. How can you not care about what you are putting into your body? It doesn't matter if you don't think it's effecting you -it still does.Human lifes are valuble and we should take care of it. And it's fragile. You're not gonna live forever. Just look around at all the diabetes and cancers that has been an effect of what those people have been eating - not all ofcourse but many times.

And you know what, life is not about just getting what you want all the time. Sometimes you might need to eat things you don't prefer. I don't get very excited about eating some things sometimes- but I know they are good for me and I rather be healthy. And maybe you say "there's so much more to life than just eating broccoli". YES and that's why you should eat healthy - so you can enjoy all those other things longer and better!

And last - I also strongly believe that we got our bodies from God. We should be good stewards of what we have recieve. That comes to everything in life - money, our bodies, our planet etc. We need to take responsibility for it.

So maybe you say - I agree but it's so hard to change and I really hate spinach!
Start with something and also start with trying new foods that are healthy- new vegetables etc. The body can learn to like new foods. I NEVER ate vegetables before except from cucumber and tomatoes and rarely carrots. And now my favourite foods are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach etc etc.. Just add what's healthy and stay away from the unhealthy foods as much as you can. You can do it! One step at a time!

It's time for us to change and start living healthier - for the next generation so they can learn it so it doesn't continue to get worse and worse! It sound's cheesy I know, but it's still true.

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