Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fat head/Cholesterol

The movie I watched (see last posts) today is called "Fat head". I didn't like the first half. The guy tried to prove that you can loose weight by eating at mcdonalds, and he did loose weight by it.. It reminds me of a health magazine I bought in America a month ago where they listed 8 things with less then 80 calories. Examples: 8 potato chips or a lollipop or a candy snack bar etc etc. They also wrote about this girl who had lost weight through eating kids meals at mcdonalds instead of double burgers as she had done before. I was chocked to see these things in a health magazine. Seriously, what's healthy about that? It's not all about calories and about loosing weight. Health is much more than that and it's more complicated than calories.

Anyways, the second half of the movie was pretty much what I've been reading in the food revolution book so it was interesting.

Today I read about cholesterol. A few things about this from the book.
First of all, I think most of you know that there's good and bad cholesterol. Our body produces cholesterol and it can adjust the production of it after how much we need. If we eat a lot of it, then our bodies produces less. Ofcourse this doesn't always work optimal. But one very interesting thing he writes is that when you eat saturated fat, your good cholesterol increases. And the good cholesterol gives you a powerful protection towards heart disease.
You can probably read much more about this on his blog http://www.kostdoktorn.se/ or http://www.dietdoctor.com/

Now it's only two or three more days till I find out if I got in on the nutrition program or not. I'm so excited to find out!


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