Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I miss baking :(

I have pretty much stopped baking since I started trying to be more healthy about 2 years ago. It's one of my biggest passions and I really miss it. I think it's totally okay to eat unhealthy sometimes but if I bake, I only want to eat one peace.. and who would eat the rest then? No one in my family wants to as we all want to eat healthy. We always have to force friends and guests to eat our cakes etc when we had a birthday or something.
As I mentioned, we have someone living in our house every year and a few years ago, we had a guy from England. He would eat whatever I baked and it was so easy because then I could bake every day if I wanted to, and I often did. I remember one period of my life a few years ago when I baked scones every day, sometimes twice a day for at least a half year-9 months or so. Oh the joy :D I love cooking, but baking is so much more fun!

The picture is of my favourite baking cookbooks.. its pretty ludicrously amazing.


  1. Baka och sälj på torget!...eller europakonferensen?
    Kanske de vill ha hjälp till caféet? :)

  2. Man kan tycka att det inte vore så svårt att hitta folk som vill äta. Du kanske kan gå runt och bjuda grannarna, skulle säkert vara uppskattat :)

  3. Haha I love to bake too, so when i get in the mood i have friends at church and in my family that will take whatever i make! I bet we will find people to take our baking goods too next year! :D