Sunday, 31 July 2011

No more lchf

That's it.. I'm bored of the lchf diet.. I think it's great - but as I'm not overweight nor sick in diabetes, there's not really any point for me to continue with it really strict. I'll eat more fat in the future and less carbs though.. The funny thing is that today when I went to buy groceries I realised that what I've been missing/craving during my lchf time is things like beans, peas, underground vegetables and lentils. I'm especially excited about the green lentils I bought and the pea soup. Oh and also the carrots and the beets! I don't understand why I get so excited about things like that.

Conference is over.. I only had time to go on two full services unfortunally but was also on a few half ones. So now there's mostly work left for this summer. 14 full days plus 2 half days of work left now!

Ran into an old classmate today, she told me there's going to be 10 000 more students than normal this fall.. No wonder I haven't found an apartment yet..

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