Sunday, 17 July 2011

I finally baked.. well, kind of

I made LCHF "bread" today, without carbs.. Its only egg, philadelphia cheese, salt and baking powder. It smelled like sugar cake and didn't really taste anything. But it was still better than I was expecting (the baking was not as fun as baking sugar cake). I used it as hamburger bread.
I must say that was the best burger I've ever made. And also with chanterelles. Yummi!

An observation I've made today. It's defently more common for people to walk around without their shirts here than it is in Dallas. I think I've seen at least 4 ppl only today, and then I've only been outside when I went to church and later on IKEA. I guess it's an Europe thing.

Another thought I'm having. As soon as my sugar fast is over, I will try making basil ice cream. I know it sounds weird but it's from the same cook book as the orange with rosmary ice cream and that one turned out great so why not. Only 5 months and 2 weeks left on my fast!

In a week, our church will be having our yearly Europe conference. It's defently the highlight of the year and I'm super excited! They've started putting everything up already and me and my sister is going to help out to put up the waffle tent on friday, and we are both helping out there next week as well. Last year we ended up with cream all over the floor. I think twice as well if I remember right.. I'll try to avoid that to happen this year. It's so much fun being there :) Waffle tent rules!

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