Saturday, 31 December 2011

Brown hair again, last day without sugar and Italy tomorrow morning!

The plan was to not dye my hair until I'm done with school so I could save some money. I got so bored of my hair though so I dyed it myself today. That way it isn't as boring and it's cheap. It's also not permanent so it will go away in about 2 months. And as you can see on the picture, my bangs is much longer now so soon I'll be rid of it :D Yay!

I also have to mention that today is the last day of my sugar fast! I started 1st of January last year and to sum it up: I accidently ate a couple of cookies in May but I seriously didn't understand that it was sugar in them before I already ate them! It was when I flew to America and my flight got cancelled and the whole trip took about 40 hours so I was too tired to think and just ate it and then realized afterwards. I also ate a fishermans friend that wasn't sugarfree.
I really don't care about that but I know that if I don't mention it then my coworkers at Arlanda will tell me that it really does count.. haha anyways... Tomorrow the sugar free year is finished and I will celebrate it with a couple of caramels from Harrods and probably a knäck when I'm on the flight to Rome. I'm going with some very dear friends of mine and also a couple of girls that I haven't got to know yet but they seems to be very sweet so I'm really excited!

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