Monday, 12 December 2011

Light treatment

First - I never had time to read through the hormone articles this weekend and now I'm focusing on my exam next week so we'll see when I get time to read them but I'm going to do it hopefully before christmas.

The hospital shirt

The last months, I've been going to light treatment at the hospital three times per week. I burned myself in the sun about 7 years ago which made my skin itch everywhere and it would look like long mosquito bites. I've been taking medicine for it for a few years which makes it go away but as I wanted to get rid of it totally so I wouldn't have to take any medication, I got to try this light treatment. Unfortunally it hasn't really worked. Today was the last time I was going and you have no idea how happy I am it's over! It took so much time to get in to the hospital for this several  times a week. And I don't really care about that it didn't work... at least I've tried that now.

Me and some friends went on a lucia concert at the cathedral yesterday. I will post pictures of that tomorrow. It was a really great concert!

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