Friday, 16 December 2011

Candy waiting on me since march

I must admit. Candy has been on my mind quite a lot lately... well, at least twice a day. It's not because I want to eat any but more about that it's only 2 weeks + 1½ days left on my sugar fast I've had this year and it feels weird that its almost over.

My friend came to visit us from London in March and she brought us lots of things, including candy from Harrods. It has been waiting for me since then.

From 1st of January I "can" eat sugar again. 4.30 am on that day, I'm leaving for Italy. I am planning to bring one or two pieces of the "harrods-candy" on the trip to eat on the flight - to break the fast. I'm really excited about it haha!

We also have knäck that me and Whitley made last weekend waiting in the freezer. For you who never tried knäck - it's the best candy in the whole world. If you live in another country and I come visit you - tell me to make some for you.

I have learned more about nutrition than ever before this year... and it makes me not want to eat bad food so I will try to continue limiting my sugar consumtion to family birthdays and big holidays after this fast.

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