Friday, 30 December 2011

Wasting food

A study from Great Britain shows that people throw away 28 % of all the food that they buy.

Swedes throw away about 56 kg (about 120 pounds?) of food every year! For our whole country that equals 1.9 million ton carbon oxid per year which is the same as it would be for 700 000 cars for one year.

Use all of the vegetables - for example, use the stemp of the broccoli, use the "leaves" (?) from beets, carrots etc - they contain so much more nutritions than the actuall vegetable! I'll come back more about that later.

I believe this is very important, however I wish my dad doesn't read this post because he takes it to the extreme and would eat anything even tho the food is clearly way too old! :)


  1. Gillar din fina blogg :) Ska nog bli en följare! (följer inga bloggar :) ) Tack för en fin filmkväll med nyttiga fakta och goda kemikalier ;)

  2. å va söt du är! Tack själv det va kul att du kom :)