Monday, 5 December 2011

Read this! Why milk and all other dairy products are bad

The national food aministration are telling us that milk is GREAT because of its protein, low fat and vitamins.

Milk also contains a lot of other things that are quite the opposite than great. These negative aspects outweigh the positive. This is why.. 

80 % of the milk you drink are from pregnant cows. That means that they have a lot of hormones (see list below) in their "cow-bodies". Hormones "get stuck" in the fat and therefore get transfered into the milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, cream etc etc. These hormones will then go to your body if you eat/drink it (obviously). To make cheese, you need 20 liters of milk for 1 kg of cheese - that means that the hormones will get more concentrated and the same with other products like butter.

If we take estrogen for one example. High intake of estrogen increases the risk of cancers. 60-80 % of the estrogen that we get from food is from milk and other dairy products (mjölkprodukter). Here is an example of how much the free estrogen (E1) different products contains:

Whole milk      3,7
Skimmed milk 20,2
Whey             3,6
Cottage cheese 34,9
Butter           539,4

Different studies has shown a risk for a number of diseases when it comes to bovine milk (nötkreatur). They are: allergy, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, chronic constipation, coronary heart disease, diabetes type 1, malabsorption, ovarian cancer, parkinson disease, testicular and prostate cancer...

Our milk has also been heated up so that AGE and ALE has been formed (read past posts about AGE/ALE). Milkpowder is worst - look at the ingrediences on packages and avoid milk and cheese powder.

The dairy consumption for individuals (kg per year) (year 2008) looked like this:

Finland 180
Sweden 138
Denmark 134
Norway 114
UK 102
Germany 92
USA 80
Italy 42
China 10

(I have a list of 24 countries so let me know if you want to know another countries average intake)

So how can something like milk be so dangerous? We have to remember that a long time ago, a cow produces about 1,5 liters of milk per day and today they produce about 30 liters per day. No wonder the milk contains all these hormones today.

Hormones: PRL, GH, TSK, FSH, LH, ACTH, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (and more steroid hormones), TRH, LHRH, GnRH, GRH and many many more!

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