Wednesday, 10 August 2011

2 weeks left

It is now 2 weeks left until I have to be in school. The lessons doesn't start until the monday after but there's a couple of other things the week before. There's so many things I want to do before, but I'm starting to realize that the time is just not enough for all of it.
I have at least 3 books (2 big ones) I want to read. I'm doing a cookbook for my mom that I need to finish. My room needs to be thoroughly cleaned. I need to get a backpack, pens, folders etc for school. My hair desperatly needs a hairdresser. Etc etc.. I also have 7 more days left at work, plus another half day at my dads work.

It all actually didn't sound that bad when I wrote it all down..

The girl from America who will be staying with us this next academic year will be coming on monday as well. Her parents are also coming and they will be staying for a week. We are very excited to have her! I love showing americans Sweden!

By the way, I'm thinking of getting a subscribtion of the magazine called Fitness (a swedish one).. Anyone out there that has read it and knows if its good or not? I was looking at one today at work and it seemed pretty good. And I would also get a free pulse watch, which I've wanted to have for a year now but I'm too cheap to buy one.

Time for bed.. Finally a day off work tomorrow! Which means cooking, reading, resting, cleaning and preparing for work the next day..

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