Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The death in the pot

Sounds a bit weird but that's the name of another book I've decided to read pretty soon. Döden i grytan in swedish. It's about food (obviously) and how many weird things that are in food now and how far away we are from eating natural, normal food. This is something that I think is so interesting, and I have many times thought that when I get my own children (and during my pregnancies), I will do everything from scratch.. without artifical things.. we'll see if that's even possible but I'll do my best!

I'll probably start reading it tomorrow. I'm too tired today (1st morning out of 3)(work)(which means that after work I eat berries and cream, then dinner and then off to bed pretty much)... There will defently be a few posts here from the book!

Only 13 more days at work left!

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