Sunday, 28 August 2011

Our biggest squash and a fish salad

The squashes keeps on growing in our garden.. We let this one stay on extra long too see how big it could get... The picture doesn't really justify it as it was really huge. The smaller vegetable next to it is actually a cucumber. Also from our own garden.

I read a friends blog today and she has a lot of pictures of the food she makes.. I got inspired so here you have a picture of my dinner: fish salad

Speaking of fish.. We eat fish quite a lot in Sweden.. And it wouldn't be a weird thing to eat fish for breakfast here. As today I ate mackerel for breakfast. So for you who are not from here who are reading this - do you think that is weird? Me and my sister talked about that today that maybe you would think it's weird to eat mackerel in tomato sauce first thing in the morning?

Tomorrow I'll tell you how it went on my first real day at school. We are having our first lesson, but only introduction this far. After the lesson, we will start our "nollning", which is rag for your brittish and freshman pranks for the rest of you. I had to look it up in the dictionary as I can't really continue putting the swedish name in a blog written on english?

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