Monday, 29 August 2011

Pranks to come

My last post were before dinner which means - I was too hungry so I totally forgot to write to you a little bit more about the pranks! Maybe you read it and thought that we will only play games on our 2 weeks of pranks.. No it's not really like that..

Our theme is "make love not war". We will have to be dressed like the flower power/peace people in the 70's.. My sister had perfect pants for that but she told me today that she threw them away two years ago unfortunally.. Our group will also have purple lipstick. That is the outfit for 4 of the days. The last day the theme for our outfits will be "Walk of shame"... any suggestions of what I should wear?

Our group will also have to have an Avatar-outfit and a Lust-outfit.. I guess Avatar will be easy, but lust?? More suggestions please.

So in these outfits we will do different things. And we always have to wear our orange ribbon on our heads as you can see on the picture. As for one, we have to learn this dance on the link below and on wednesday when we are doing things downtown, we have to dance this in different places...

The whole thing will end with a gasque which is like a fancy dinner. So there you go!

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