Thursday, 11 August 2011

Healthy smoothie

Did a smoothie today on different berries with mint and lemon balm from the garden. I have never thought of using mint in a smoothie but got inspired as I got that in a smoothie from the naked juice bar in Gränby.

Lemon balm is good as it can lower blood pressure and pulse and it is calming.
Mint is good for unwanted hairgrow for women haha (awesome!) but it has also been used against cold apprently. There are also many other things they are good for!

I have to put up a picture on my cat as well because he is so cool.


  1. Handlar alldeles för mycket från naked juice bar på arlanda dom tar alla mina pengar :)

  2. Dyrt men bra grejer. Om fler handlar där så kanske de kan dra ner på priserna.. Synd att dom slutat sälja vetegräs bara..