Thursday, 4 August 2011

All about books...

Today I bought a magazine at work because of a few articals in it about food, preservatives, our cows etc etc.. So as I'm in a working period now, I don't have much in my life going on except from working, eating and sleeping, which means, not many fun things to blog about.
So instead I only write about all these books I want to read :) I find new ones all the time and am starting to wonder when I'll have time to read it all. I guess that is a good place to be (hungry for reading) for someone that is going to start study.

I have a day off work tomorrow, which means a lot of reading :) And I also decided to work out tomorrow. I'm starting to get my energy back again and this break from working out has been way too long already so it's about time for me to start again!

Come back tomorrow so you can read interesting things from whatever books I decide to read.

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  1. Cant wait to workout with you guys, I have been in the tired of the same workout everyday with the same people.... Yay for moving to Sweden and new friends and new workout buddies! haha