Thursday, 18 August 2011

A little bit about everything

I like when I have things in order. I like lists, structure, rules and to organize. Maybe because I am swedish? Or maybe because I'm a girl? Or I guess you could say woman, after all I turn 25 this year. My mom thinks that's a huge deal so I promised her that I won't make any plans for that whole weekend so I can be available for only birthday things. Which means, birthday party the weekend after for you who live close. Or if you want to take a 9 hour plane ride here for it, you are very welcome to come and join us for it(if I know you that is). As I've mentioned before, my first exam is on my birthday. The university must have made a mistake right? Well, I actually should (and I am) be happy, it would have been worse if my birthday was the day before an exam.

Oh yeah, I want to mention that our crown princess is pregnant. We all found out about it yesterday here in Sweden and this means that the baby will be queen/king some day. It's a huge deal.

I have now got my "information kit" from uni (top picture)... Maps, invitation to the welcoming day next week and other forms of information. As you can see on the picture, I got all the books ready as my sister already studied this course before. Now I only have to get more pens, a backpack and other things I might need.

Now it's also only 4 more work days left. I've worked there since 2007, with a break when I lived in Birmingham.. It feels so great to know that I don't have to be there much at all now, maybe not even anything depending on how things turn out. I will miss the people and the busy work days, but I will defently not miss going up 2.45 or 3.25 am as I have done so many times.

5 days left for the gym opens again as well.

Hmm.. That was a little bit of everything.. My 3 hour nap wasn't enough today so I think I'm gonna get ready for bed already. Good night!

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