Saturday, 6 August 2011

America vs Sweden

I have a hard time deciding where I want to be. When I've been to America, I start loving and appriciating Sweden much more. But when the fall starts to come to Sweden, there's no place I rather be (except from Israel) than in America.

America has had a special place in my heart for about 5 years now, since I became a christian. And Texas has been the place that I've "always" wanted to go to. I have now spent 2,5 months total in Dallas and I must say it wasn't at all what I had expected. I thought there would be cowboys and people riding on horses everywhere. I also thought everyone would have a really thick southern accent and that almost everyone would be obese. It's not really like that there..
I totally saw 1 person riding on a horse and I didn't meet many at all with that accent I thought everyone had. And sure there were defently many more obese people in Sweden, but not at all as many as I had expected!

I've learned that american people are more generous than us swedes.. Families opens up their homes and lives to other people much more over there. They spend more time with each other and helps each other out. But they also work more. I heard somewhere that Americans live to work and swedes work to live.. maybe thats true.. Personally I believe Americans are better when it comes to the daily life and putting family higher than swedes, but swedes are better with traditions and also taking time to relax. Swedes are also really good with experience life. Swedes dare to travel and explore things in a better way.

I really want to live in America some day. I'd like to have it as my base, and then go out in different periods to other countries like Israel, Irak, India, France etc.. As I mentioned before, the middle east is really on my heart. I love food and nutrition but when it comes to maybe being able to start orphanages or help poor children in the 3rd world somehow, than my nutrition interest is worth nothing. But maybe it could be combined somehow.

That has been something that has worried me, that all of those dreams won't happen because I will start studying nutrition now. That's why I took the acceptance to the university with mixed feelings. I prayed to God about all of that.. And I went to church the sunday after I heard I was accepted to the program and I really believe God spoke to me there. The service was about dreams that God has given us, and that everything doesn't always come true at once, but some dreams takes a bit of time to become reality and that we shouldn't give up our dreams only because it looks impossible at the moment. That service really encouraged me and has put me in a more secure mindset about these 3 study years I'm about to start. I don't know Gods plans for my whole life but I know it will be much better than I can even dream or think. I trust that God will lead me in the right directions in my life even when I don't always understand it.

Oh and america also gets a point because they have NBA and they have the mavericks ;) First sport I truly enjoy to watch!

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