Monday, 15 August 2011

Whitley is here!

The girl from Oklahoma that will be staying with us for at least 9 months finally arrived today! We've been really excited about it :) She came with her parents who will be staying for the rest of the week. I have loved having people from all over the world the last years here but it's still something extra special about having an american :)
So as it's crayfish-party/dinner-season in Sweden now, we decided to have one for them tomorrow to show them a swedish tradition.

It is now also 10 years ago since we started having bibleschool students (and a few others) living with us and since then we have had 4 americans (5 with this year), two swedes, three brittish, one german, one taiwanese, one french and one from Iran! Several of them has been very close friends of mine and has meant so much in my life.

And about something totally different. I'll be getting brown hair in a week from today! It's been 4 years ago (I think) since last time.. The plan is to grow it out and have my natural colour through my study years to save money.

And also, no Birmingham trip this time as one of the 2 friends I wanted to visit were not able to come those days. :( I miss them so much that it hurts but I guess I just have to wait till February :)

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