Friday, 5 August 2011

Filter - 2 really interesting articals

I managed to read through 2 of the 3 larger articals I wanted today in Filter. It was so worth buying it! Here is a short overview of what it was about..

The first one was about how hard it is for a small bakery, butchery or things like that to make it here in Sweden. The main reason beeing all these rules that the government and the national food administration has for them. They wrote especially about one lady that started a small bakery and her neighbours and the people in her village loves it, but now the national authorities are on her about that she needs to make it accessible for handicapped and they need to see how her (very small) bakery effects the traffic in the village, if it bothers the people close by etc etc.. There are sooo many rules that pretty much makes it impossible for someone that has a small place like that to make it. Not good.. I'd rather have bread from a close by bakery than from a huge bakery where they have so many preservatives in it.. And meat from a cow that got to eat what it's meant to eat and got to grow in it's own spead.

Wich takes me to the second artical.. That one was about one of the swedish labeling for organic food - KRAV, and about how they started really good but is now only a big buisness that wants to make money and in the long run, doesn't help the nature at all! Their cows are allowed to eat corn (up to 50 %) depending on what they will use the cows too.. That is defently one of the things that conserned me the most in this article. Cows should eat gras, not corn. Otherwise they can get sick, and people eating their meat can get sick and even die. I really didn't know that KRAV cows was allowed to eat corn..
They interviewed a few people that has KRAV farms, and they say that people are being fooled,.. but they do it anyways because they get more money out of it..

It's worth buying it and read it.. but if you want to, you can borrow it from me. Extremly interesting.. They are long articals but still worth the time.

I also took a picture of our own zucchini from our garden today.. They have been really huge and this is not the biggest one. The picture doesn't justify it, but believe me, it's huge!

Well, off to bed again.. morning shift tomorrow again.. can't wait for them to be over!

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  1. oh my goodness, that is huge! haha!!! Good Growing! :D