Friday, 26 August 2011

Welcoming day at uni for all the new students

Inside the university house
 What a day! I am right now in the middle of two chapters of my life. Tomorrow will be my last day at work (maybe not for forever but for a long time at least) and today I was at the welcoming day my university has for all the new students. Speaking of students, did you know that Uppsala University has 40 000 students? That is quite a lot for a city with around 180 000 people. And that it was founded 1477. Beat that!

It feels so great to go over to this next chapter in my life. I am really excited for everything I have ahead of me and I'm trying to give God all my worries about it and all my other dreams.

So I started the day with going to the gym with Whitley, then she followed me to the welcoming day at uni and there were tons of people there! I met up with a few of my classmates and we sat together and listen to the program of the day. There was music and speaches. A famous swedish rap artist, Petter, were our host.
What surprised me was how beautiful the university house is inside. I have lived here so many years but I have never been inside it. It was pretty amazing to see.

Students waiting outside the building
We have something here that is called "nationer", which is a building that is representing a swedish county. We have 13 of them and you can become a member when you study at the university. It's like a student club. They have apartments, pubs, restaurants, places you can study etc etc. I'm not a person that likes to party but as they have so many other things as well, I decided to join one. I randomly picked Smålands, partly as that's where I'm born. All the new students were going around these student pubs this evening but unfortunally I had to skip it as I have been so exhausted with everything going on lately and as I have to go up this night to work.

People from the university's gym is showing off
After the welcoming program, me and Whitley went home a little bit and then continued to Gränby to do some shopping. We didn't really buy much but we got a smoothie each at the naked juice bar and I also got sushi that I brought home. Swedish sushi is good, but not at all as good as the one I had in Dallas. When (please God!) I move there, I think I will eat at that sushi place every week! :D
I got a cd box with 4 cds of Johnny Cash and also a cd box with 4 cds with Simon and Garfunkel. I'm not suppose to know about the later one though as my mom is giving that one to me for my birthday so she has hidden it from me now so don't tell me okay? :)

The sushi.. I was so hungry so I had to eat two pieces before taking a picture

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